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Sea Glass Chakra Bracelet


Seaglass Pendant


Roman Coin Bracelet


About the Artist

As an occupational therapist, I have spent over three decades using the creative arts to assist people in accomplishing their therapy goals. I am active in the horseshoe crab conservation along the Delaware Bay Beaches. Although I've been making jewelry for 20 years, the images posted are of fairly recent creations. From beading to metal work (initial instruction at The Creative Metalworks School in suburban Washington, DC) I now incorporate lapidary and welding into some of my pieces. 

Seaglass Horseshoe Crab Pendant

About the Studio

Sea of Japan heart with sleeping beauty turquoise

Found objects such as glass, stones, coins, vintage beads, are shards from the past that tell me their stories as I work with them.

My unique pieces fall into three categories based on the materials: (1) Genuine Seaglass, either collected by myself or purchased from collectors worldwide; (2) Roman Glass, from the Bactrian Kingdom, when the Romans occupied the eastern end of ancient silk routes; and (3) Vintage beads and artifacts older than 1980. Please browse the galleries on the next pages to get an idea of the pieces I've crafted from these materials.

Vintage Steel Penny Bracelet

Seaglass/Sleeping Beauty Turquoise


Ancient Roman Glass Bracelet

Ancient Roman Glass Necklace

Anne Pas Burke