Ancient Roman Glass Jewelry

The Beauty and History of Ancient Roman Glass Jewelry

Ancient Roman glass jewelry is a beautiful way to celebrate history and the past. Made from real, ancient Roman glass, this style of jewelry runs the gamut from simple beads on string, to incredibly intricate designs.

How is Ancient Roman Glass Found?

Romans made a great deal of glass, which has been uncovered anywhere the Romans traveled. This glass has usually long been broken down, but it's particularly prized because it comes in such a tremendous gamut of colors. Roman glass also has reactivity: It will change its color depending on how the light is filtered through it. Consequently, it's particularly beautiful when used in jewelry.

Real Roman glass has to go through a process certifying it as antiquities, and therefore it's an ethical, sustainable way to source the materials.

Types of Roman Glass Jewelry

Roman glass can be used in virtually any design, though it's frequently found in religious designs due to its age and cultural significance. As glass, it can be set into pendants and earrings, be used for necklaces and bracelets, and virtually anything else that is desired. Pendants of Roman glass are particularly common, and often, a thin slice of Roman glass will be used beneath traditional glass within a setting—much like opal.


Taking Care of Roman Glass

Roman glass can be sensitive to certain chemicals, so care should be taken when cleaning it and wearing it. Often, manufacturers today will "hide" Roman glass beneath another layer of glass to protect it. This can be requested to ensure the longevity of a piece, especially if it will be a daily wear piece.

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