Anne Pas Burke

Get Inspired With Local Jewelry by Anne Pas Burke

If you're looking to create your own unique style, consider taking a look at local jewelry. At Prime Hook Beach Studio, Anne Pas Burke has been exploring ancient, reclaimed materials, to create new works of art from old objects.

Bringing to Light an Ancient Connection

Prime Hook Beach Studio focuses on reclaimed materials such as sea glass and ancient Roman glass. These are materials that have lived other lives, sometimes thousands of years ago. And these materials have been reclaimed, reshaped, and retooled to create uniquely beautiful designs that recall history. In her vintage collection, Anne Pas Burke features coins and ancient beads.

Getting Inspired by the Past

If you don't feel any particular attachment to modern styles, it could be that your perfect style is a historical one. You might love the look of ancient glass, now shaped into beads that highlight their unique depth and color. You might love the look of older coins or older beading, or you might just be looking for something that's a little more "vintage." Styles come in cycles, and older materials are coming back all the time.

Source Your Materials Sustainably

One of the incredible advantages of reclaimed materials is that they're also completely ethical. No one is harmed in the reclaiming of these materials, and they are often set into intricate, beautiful jewelry pieces without much alteration. If you want beautiful jewelry without any ethical quandaries, reclaimed glass and vintage bead bracelets are an excellent option.

Prime Hook Beach Studio attends a number of shows and fairs, so it's always possible to come by and check out these unique pieces locally. If you're interested in finding inspiration in some of these incredible materials, consider stopping by the next show.