Artisan Made Jewelry

Getting Artisan Made Jewelry for a  Special Person

Are you looking for something unique and beautiful for your special person? Whether you're shopping for a holiday, birthday, or just  because, you want to find something that's perfect for her style. Artisan made jewelry is the ideal way to encapsulate your mother's look, while also taking advantage of sustainable and ethical materials.

Take a Look at A Person's Other Jewelry

What style of jewelry do they like most? Does she like chunky, bold jewelry? Or does she like delicate, thin jewelry? Does she like things that are modern and geometric? Or does she like things that have a more natural and organic flow? Some people have very eclectic taste, but other people are highly specific.

Pay Attention to Metals and Colors

Some people love gold, while others love silver. Some people will only wear rose gold, others will wear a whole assortment. When picking out jewelry, many people look towards the metal color first, and then the color of the stones second. Many people have a certain undertone to their skin that means that some jewelry simply looks better on them.

Make a Note When The Person is Wearing a Piece of Jewelry

Are you someone who has difficulties coming up with a gift idea every year? Throughout the year, snap a quick photo when that person says she likes a piece of jewelry. This will give you something to give to an artisan when they're making something custom. You can also take notes on the stones and the metals that she seems to favor, and remember — styles do change over time.

Are you interested in purchasing artisan made jewelry for your someone? Contact the artists at Prime Hook Beach Studio.