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Where Old Objects Find New Lives

Sea of Japan Heart with Sleeping Beauty Turquoise
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Beautiful glass from the Mediterranean Shore of Spain.
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"That’s interesting"... is a common reaction to a piece of my jewelry. A conversation begins and again I realize that we are all connected.


Found objects, old materials such as glass, stones, coins, vintage beads, and gemstones are shards of the past that tell me their stories as I work with them. My goal is to capture the essence of each object, and give it new life as an attractive piece of jewelry.

My unique pieces fall into three main categories based on the type of materials used:   (1) Sea Glass, (only genuine sea glass is used); (2) Roman Glass from the Ancient Bactrian Kingdom--100-400 AD; and (3) Vintage artifacts including beads older than the 1980's. 

Please browse through the galleries for examples of recent work. My work is fount at art shows as well as craft shows, and at local marketplaces located primarily in Delaware and Maryland. 

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