Sea Glass Jewelry

Your Options for Sustainable, Unique Seaglass Jewelry

Are you looking for ways to customize your sea glass jewelry? Despite being made out of the same material, seaglass jewelry varies in a number of ways. When you look to purchase sea glass jewelry online, pay attention to: size and shape, opacity, color, and finish.

The Size and Shape of the Glass

Seaglass is naturally tumbled bled into organic sizes and shapes, which add to their mystery and charm. However, seaglass can also be formed into artificial sizes and shapes, including geometric ones, for a modern look.

The Opacity of the Glass

Some glass is easier to see through than others. A light opacity stone is going to feel lighter and more delicate, whereas a darker opacity stone will be more vibrant and substantial.

The Color of the Glass

Seaglass comes in just about any color you can imagine. However, some are rarer than others. Brown sea glass is very common, as is white or clear. Green seaglass is also fairly common. Blue and lavender are far rarer. You can find red, orange, pink, and even black glass, too, but it's difficult!

The Finish of the Glass

Seaglass can be polished to a fine shine or can be rough and sandy, depending on what you desire. A shiny glass will show off the color and opacity of the stone, but a rough finish can give off warm, glowing light. The setting also factors in regarding how the finish is perceived: settings that allow more light in will call more attention to the finish.

As you can see, there are innumerable style combinations for sea glass jewelry. If you're interested in buying sea glass jewelry online, check out the gallery at Prime Hook Beach Studio.