Vintage Jewelry

Things to Consider When Purchasing Vintage Jewelry Online

If you love vintage jewelry styles, you've probably looked into purchasing vintage jewelry online. The online marketplace is a tremendous one, and there are a lot of great styles and pieces to look at. But there are also things to look out for. Here are some things to consider.

Where Was the Product Sourced?

Some products are sourced ethically and some aren't. Roman glass, for instance, needs to filter through a few layers of validation before they're allowed to be sold by the government. Meanwhile, other vintage jewelry could potentially be stolen, especially if it's truly antique. Make sure you know where a product is sourced and that it was sourced sustainably, or you could even be getting a fake.

Does It Need Special Care?

There are certain types of vintage jewelry, such as Bakelite jewelry, that require special care. Make sure to ask whether a piece needs to be cleaned in a specific way, or needs to be kept away from certain chemicals, if you want it to last a long time. Some items of vintage jewelry may not be hardy enough to wear every day, while other pieces could be just as durable as something made today.

Is It a Vintage Style, or Vintage Materials?

This could be both true, or just one of these could be true. Some vintage jewelry uses vintage materials in a modern style. Other vintage jewelry has a vintage style, but with all modern materials. You can get reproductions of vintage jewelry that are really brand new, and you can also get real ancient jewelry for sale that's completely authentic. It all depends on whether you're interested in the style of the piece or the raw history of the piece (or both).

Vintage jewelry is beautiful and unique, but you need to find the right store. If you're interested in vintage jewelry online, check out the wares at Prime Hook Beach Studio.